Iím 43 years old and still single because I couldnít find the right women to be my wife. Iím tired of American women (I think they want to be men!). A friend of mine who is happily married to a Russian woman told me that Russian women are the best and suggested that I try to find a Russian lady through the Internet. I really liked that idea. Itís exciting and I already started my search. I found the sweetest girl Olga using your advertising service. Itís unbelievable but I got so many letters from beautiful Russian women! Olgaís letter and pictures made me crazy! She is gorgeous! I really fell in love with her! Now I kindly ask you delete my profile from your catalogue. I never expected to get so many responses from so many beautiful women! Thank you for your great service and for making my life full of love and great expectations!

Michael (FL, USA)


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